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Pré-commandes Saint seiya

Saint Cloth Myth EX Kaiou Poseidon Sea Emperor Poseidon Imperial Sloan Royal ornament set


Saint Cloth Myth EX Kaiou sea poseidon emperor


Gigantic Series: Saint Seiya Sagittarius Aiolos by X Plus


Saint Cloth Myth cerberus
limted edition


Hey Yes, the story widely known Saint Seiya but for the big fans... we do without lasse pas!

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The history of Saint Seiya was invented by the designer of Masami Kurumada manga. This story tells the epic story of 5 young boys named: Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki.

Everything begins in Greece, a man named Mitsumasa Kido was entrusted by a gold Knight (Knight of Sagittarius Aiolos) a baby and his gold armor.

This baby is another that Athena who reincarnates when evil redid surface on Earth. Mitsumasa Kido will have the difficult task to protect Athena during his younger years and train young boys who become Knights for future fighting will have to deliver.

He thus sent 100 orphaned children to the four corners of the world. Among them were the Knights of bronze above.

These children were forced to train very hard for six long years in order to obtain an armor of bronze (the lowest of the categories of armor, gold/silver/bronze).

Only 10 Knights managed to come out alive from their workouts and to bring bronze armor. Among them were the 5 heroes of the series which are: Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki.

Upon their return to the Japan, they discover that their purpose is to protect and serve the goddess Athena, called Saori, girl who was raised by Mitsumasa Kido, who died when she was 5 years old.

It was then that a great battle prepared in perspective...

The history of Saint Seiya is divided into 4 main parts:

The sanctuary where Seiya and his companions must confront Black Knights and retrieve the Sagittarius Golden Armor stolen by the Ikki bronze Knight who will change camp subsequently, putting aside his hatred and fighting for justice on Earth. Will then come from the fighting Knights of money where our Bronze will face of formidable enemies. These battles will strengthen their friendship and develop their forces considerably. They will thus decide subsequently follow Athena in his fight for the Earth.

Just so then the battle the hardest for our Knights of the sanctuary against the terrible Knights of gold. Seiya, Shun, Hyoga and Shiryu, Ikki will fight with all their strength, developing their 7th sense. They deliver fighting to death. Several Knights gold there will leave life, emotion generated by these battles being huge, mythical as fights include:

Shiryu (Dragon) against Shura (Capricorn): Shiryu will fight with all his might against the Knight of gold of Capricorn. However, are not the weight, it will be forced to fly in the sky using his technique prohibited by his master the ultimate dragon. Shura, Knight of gold of Capricorn will recognize his mistake and will open the eyes of share Shiryu action. He will understand that he was fighting not for justice but for evil, and he will save Shiryu at the cost of his life.

Hyoga (Swan) against Camus (Aquarius): Hyoga will deliver a final battle against his master Camus, Knight of gold of Aquarius. Hyoga will make explode his cosmo energy to exceed that of his master and achieve absolute zero in this confrontation where the master pushed his pupil to the maximum of its capacity, so that Hyoga is low hand on his feelings.

His master died so the smile in transmitting the values have to survive as a Knight, as well as his ultimate technique, the Aurora Execution. Hyoga will contribute a tear before falling to the ground him also.

The first great enemy of this saga was the great pope who was none other than the Gemini gold Knight named Saga. Who even attempted to assassinate Athena, 13 years earlier, divided by two personalities, good and evil. During their fight, Seiya arrives to erase the evil that existed in Saga, and it died by asking forgiveness for all the harm he had done to Athena.

Then comes the part of Asgard where our five heroes have to go great north face Princess Hilda of Polaris, which was manipulated by an evil ring. They will deliver the still hard-fought battles with new armor resurrected by the blood of the living gold Knights after their last battles to the sanctuary.

They will confront 7 very powerful divine warriors before reaching the Princess Hilda. All these divine Warriors will fight body and soul against our 5 Bronze, and all shall perish in who fought to death for those to whom their lives worth nothing, Hilda. Our heroes will therefore arrive at issue Hilda of the malefic affixed by Poseidon, Emperor of the 7 seas, through the sword of Odin, sword that will be given to Seiya to deliver his curse Hilda.

Then, the third part will be of the Poseidon submarine sanctuary, so the Earth is submerged forever. The Bronze Knights will face Poseidon and his seven generals in the armor of scales.

Hard-fought battles will be rage under the underwater sanctuary. Athena will be locked into the central pillar by Poseidon in order to delay the sinking of the Earth by water. The oceans being to the numbers of 7, so 7 pillars supporting the oceans and 7 generals keeping them there. Our bronze destroy one by one these pillars through the arms of the Balance and fight all the generals. All these generals will fight without fail for their master Poséidon and all die except the Knights siren and Kanon, who is none other than the brother of Gemini Saga. It is also because of him that the underwater battle with Poseidon took place as Kanon manipula the God of the seas to wreak his vengeance towards Athena. However at the end of this battle, Kanon will recognize the goodness and divine power of Athena and implores his forgiveness. Poseidon will be defeated and will return in the jar from which it should never have come out.

Then finally comes the last part of Hades, where our heroes will be accompanied by the Knights of living gold to fight Hades Spectra sent on Earth by Hades himself, with to take the head of Athena and order him back within 12 hours.

In this last part of the saga, the Golden Knights will be put to the test. During the fighting in the sanctuary, they will face their former friends came to lead Athena, Saga, Shura, Camus, Deathmask, Shion and Aphrodite (dead Knights) compete Mu, Lydia, Milo, Shaka, Dokho, Aldebaran and Kanon. Many will leave life, but all will be for Athena, which will be death itself and will fight Hades in the underworld with Shaka. It had previously understood the meaning of the battle fought by Shion, Saga and others. Shaka will be killed by the Athena Exclamation of Saga, Shura and Camus... ultimate attack forbidden by Athena.

Our brave warriors continue their fight in the castle of Hades, compete Rhadamanthus, and then will go to hell in the inferno, after be awake to the Arayashiki (8th sense) with Dokho, Kanon, Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Hyoga and Shiryu. They will fight against the remaining spectra, then the judges of the underworld, until arriving at the wailing wall.

There, our Warriors will find themselves facing an impassable wall for humans, only a God or the sunlight that can override the powers of this wall. Athena has already crossed it to get to Elysion. The last Knights of living gold, the soul of their deceased, as well as their armor will come to grips with this wall against part of their life.

The voice to Elysion is open to our 5 Knights of Bronze. They will go to Elysion with the blood of Athena there on their armor, they will face 2 other gods, Hypnos and Thanatos, then finally they will confront Hades in a terrible fight their armor will then take their last ultimate transformation in the form of "Kamui" (suit of the gods). They will come out of Hades not without sacrifice.

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